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we need a title

We Need To BETR: A Closer Look At BETR Gang

Nov 19, 2015No Comments8355 Views

​   “You never land BETR than us / Is BETR Gang BETR enough / as everything settles to dust / she said we only

Kid X

The Kid is Xcellent

Nov 18, 2015No Comments8471 Views

​   The Nike app records running speed & distance covered. I have it on my phone. I don’t run but if I did, I’d

Baddest remix

First Listen: AKA feat Fifi Cooper, Rouge, Moozlie & Gigi Lamayne – Baddest Remix

Nov 17, 20151 Comment5223 Views

  The track was met by a mixture of controversy and excitement. A number of people lambasted the move of featuring only women. The original


From Giyani With a Beautiful Album

Nov 11, 2015No Comments4072 Views

  ​I’ve never really been to Giyani but only as a stop on my way to Musina. Its a beautiful view to take in.  

The assembly

Inspecting the Inspection EP

Nov 11, 20152 Comments3076 Views

  I believe reviews have become mundane and redundant. It’s a whole lot of talk about how each song sounds & then a rating.  


The New Golden Era

Nov 10, 2015No Comments2233 Views

Heads that used to bump LL Cool J on their walkman before he licked his lips 56 times on Tyra Banks Show will always be


Fill Up The Dome: The Overspill

Nov 04, 20151 Comment1828 Views

​ 31 October 2015. Never in the history of SA music has a date become synonymous with history. 20 000 strong crowd were part of


The Next Big Star

Nov 03, 2015No Comments1546 Views

​ Personally, I have never liked talent shows or even reality shows for that matter. It all looks very scripted and edited to be pristine


Last Quarter

Oct 19, 20151 Comment2400 Views

  2015 has etched it’s name on SA hip hop’s most epic year.   This year marks a shift in the game and the participants


Khuli Chana: Motswako Originator 2.0

Aug 27, 2015No Comments2261 Views

In case you have been living under a rock for the past decade or so, then you probably missed out on an incredible wave and