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Hip Hop Column

Lil-Wayne feat

The Evolution Of Sexy in Hip-Hop

Aug 26, 2012Comments off3117 Views

The more the world is growing to accept people for their individuality and confidence in who they are, the more people are beginning to walk

boom shaka

REVIEW: Boom Shaka Laka VS Jealousy

Aug 26, 2012Comments off1991 Views

“Jealousy” makes me feel like I’m in a club somewhere in St Tropez. “Boom Shaka Laka” makes me feel like I’m in a trap-house somewhere


Most Unforgettable Comeback Albums

Aug 26, 2012Comments off964 Views

Music has changed the way we think and feel. The very sound of your favourite song has the ability to trigger nostalgia, and just as


The Drake Appeal

Aug 26, 2012Comments off1304 Views

My not-so-secret love affair with Aubrey Graham started in the land of mixtapes back in ‘06 when he dropped “Room for Improvement”.  I remember the


How Hip-Hop Changed

Aug 26, 2012Comments off1473 Views

“With rappers rapping over “Dance” beats, can we still call this hip-hop?” Over the years, Hip Hop did the inevitable and underwent a transformation. I’m