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OPINION: Where Are The Genre Crossing Collaborations?

September 20, 2012
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SA rappers are not pushing the boundaries of collaborations enough. There are no daring, eye-raising hype when it comes to pairing musicians up for a feature; at least not in this country anyway.

“My first album had no famous guest appearances, the outcome… I’m crowned the best lyricist,” – Nasir Jones said this in 2001 talking about “Stillmatic”. Fast-forward to 2012 SA hip-hop – albums are promised and delivered. As for collaborations however they are few and far between.



  1. Nice article. Just something I picked up. Nas was talking about ‘Illmatic’ not ‘Stillmatic’. It was on Stillmatic where he said that though.

    Anyway nice read.

    • Thank you my ace.

  2. I think once SA artists established themselves in a specific genre, they hesitate to leave that comfort zone. I mean HHP has collaborated with Die Heuwels Fantasties, which is pretty dope. I’d like to see one of our rappers feature on an Afrotraction single though… or perhaps a Prime Circle and Khuli Chana. Sounds wack, but it could work!

  3. I agree Azeeza, on paper it might sound like hogwash as the styles mash but if both the artists bring their A- game we might have a dope collabo. Expanding of both genres