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Great movies that bombed at the box office

August 28, 2012
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It doesn’t happen often but like with many things in life, the crowd is not always right. In the movie context, there have been some great movies that have totally flopped or failed to perform as expected. Hey it happens. Below is a list of some of those movies.

1: Sucker punch
Every now and then, a horrible movie, I mean pure trash comes along and you find yourself strangely liking it. That’s what happened with Sucker Punch, the 2011 film by Zack Snyder about a girl named Babydoll(I know) who ends up at a mental institution and imagines she is in a brothel trying to escape. It was a big flop. It was made with a budget of $89 million(excluding marketing) and only made $82 million back at the box office

. The soundtrack was cool and the fight scenes were fun to watch. A lot of people actually liked Sucker Punch, just not enough to show support where it mattered most, the box office.


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