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Flashbacks: Ultra – Best Night Ever [Pics]

February 19, 2014
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Nicky Romero at Heineken Ultra Music Festival 007

So… There I was, two days away from what was to be the best party that our country has ever seen and I did not have a ticket. Not for the lack of funds but I had this thought; this completely wrong thought that one thousand-two hundred and fifty rand was not worth it for a few international DJ’s. Boy was I wrong. Welcome to Ultra South Africa – The First Installment.

I stumbled upon CHEKA Digital and saw that the urban digital street mag along with Heineken were giving away a set of double tickets to Ultra Cape Town at The Ostrich Farm. Needless to say: I came, I saw, I entered… I WON! Holy hell! I’ve never won anything in my laaf bru! Attending? Click yes.

Heineken Ultra Music Festival 006

As we arrived at the venue, sitting in what was a long but rather swiftly-moving queue, the excitement started to build. You could hear the ‘DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF’ becoming louder and louder as beautiful Capetonian and non-Capetonian women were moving in flocks towards the main gate. Female element – Check.

Heineken Ultra Music Festival 005

Walking in was a breeze, well CHEKA Digital and Heineken kinda made sure of that – VIP, you know – and security was tight; completely on point which was very assuring. I needed to know that, because now, we dance. At first glance you couldn’t really see the main stage, just this arch, half blocking what was probably the best summers evening sunset we’ve had this season. The canvas was painted, Ultra was about to jump off.

Martin Garrix at Heineken Ultra Music Festival 010

This was not your everyday outdoor musical festival, this was THEE outdoor music festival. THIS WAS ULTRA! The sound, stage and lighting were fine-tuned to pure perfection with every single element sending chills down one’s spine. And not only did the international acts deliver flawless performances, but our local acts wowed the Cape Town faithful just as equally, kudos guys.

Martin Garrix at Heineken Ultra Music Festival 008

Nicky Romero at Heineken Ultra Music Festival 030

Ultra was more than just music, it was unexplainable, and words escape me. I will leave you with lyrics of a track I heard there, which in its essence, brings the greatest of flashbacks…

Can we freeze karma and surrender
our rights and wrongs
Can we just for a night let the stars
decide where we belong
Maybe heaven right now is a devil
or angel away
That won’t change
Together we vow that our colours
will sparkle the faith
And I will find you

Song by Swedish House Mafia – Calling (Lose My Mind) Ft. Ryan Tedder

Nicky Romero at Heineken Ultra Music Festival 004

And with that, all that’s left to say is  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


Written By: Kurt Langeveld [winner of the CT Ultra Music Festival tickets; compliments of CHEKA Digital and Heineken]

Images Supplied By: Heineken

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