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First Listen: DJ Sliqe feat WTF DBN, JR and Okmaloomkoolkat – #iLife

August 11, 2015


DJs are coming more and more out with songs that keep the club buzzing and them being the tastemakers of heat, their contribution into whats played has grown exponentially. Much thanks to DJ Khaled, South African DJs are entering the fray with tons of heat and surprising collabos.

No one expected a collabo between one of SA’s hook masters, JR; Gqom (The SA version of trap) pioneers WTF DBN and undisputed king of cool, Okmaloomkoolkat to materialize but DJ Sliqe made that strange but fascinating concoction happen.

DJ Sliqe comes in with his third offering, after “Do Like I Do” and its banging remix with the star studded line up, and he is steady accomplishing the ripping of dancefloors apart with “iLife”

To add icing on the cake, the production is handled by one of the most sought after and rising stars behind the boards, Tweezy.

Off the bat, the bass smacks you upside your head and the inevitable both hands raised almost simulating doing push ups on a bar dance engulfs you and you almost involuntarily scream, “TURN UP!”

The featured rappers turn to a sped up rap and slow down to singing technique famed with the likes of Rae Sremmurd. The ingredients in the song is lose your mind and wild out. There isn’t a single rewind a bar moment. This is turn up music. This is to be played at ignant levels music. This is perfect night starter music. This is a hot joint that as much as it can turn a club upside down, it can double up as get energetic in the whip en route to a night out.

Listen to DJ Sliqe feat WTF DBN, JR and Okmaloomkoolkat below:



  1. Dope!

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