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Baddest remix

First Listen: AKA feat Fifi Cooper, Rouge, Moozlie & Gigi Lamayne – Baddest Remix

November 17, 2015

Baddest remix


The track was met by a mixture of controversy and excitement. A number of people lambasted the move of featuring only women. The original was a boys night out and the remix enlists the talents of Fifi Cooper, Rouge, Moozlie & Gigi LaMayne


It has to be noted the remix not only has new verses but there is a sound change near the end. That has to be applauded that it was not just a jump on an instrumental move.

“Now I got your boyfriend in my DM”

The self appointed first lady of Motswako, Fifi Cooper sets it off with a rapid flow backed by a singing vocal in the background. Stating her claim to the throne, she also emulates AKA’s lines and puts a feminine touch to it by calling the ensemble, Queens of The Weekend.

“I am doing this solo, no, no one looking for cosigns / we jamming and jiggy, getting higher with dope rhymes”‘

Rouge gets on the second verse with ferocity and her signature rapid flow mixed with French. Clearly disgruntled by the myth that women on the mic need a cosign from a man to validate their skills, she lets show how much of a dope rapper she is. Rouge’s flow is always a marvel, with this one she plays with it a lot more and its a pleasure that she doesn’t fall into one dimensional rapper category.

“Benjamins now resembling Mandelas, hustling with the madness”

First lady of Cashtime Life, Skhanda Queen (I can’t keep up with the variations of her alias) jumps on the third and she’s the only one who curses. There is a great improvement in how she delivers her lines from when we first heard her in “Se7en”, the shakiness in her voice and delivery is still there but it is slowly being overshadowed by the growing confidence.


“Real deal since 16, baddest on the script but queening on the beat”

Gigi LaMayne, despite multiple Best Female awards at the SAHHAs, continues to be a surprise package. Gigi’s voice is soft and makes one expect Hannah Montana music but she throws down heavily. Even the technique and approach to the beat was amazing. She doesn’t hold back and her bars are aggressive and very unapologetic. The mixture of Afrikaans in her verse is another surprise.


All round, the ladies came on the mic and did their thing. Each brought the strengths we have grown accustomed to and “Baddest” the original was an enjoyable song, with this remix, the ladies are proving they can match and even possibly exceed standards set by men.


Stream “Baddest Remix”below



Written by Siphiwe Zwane ( @SDotJR_ )




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