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DECYPHER: P Dot O – Murder

June 3, 2013
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p dot o

A warm up song where P Dot flexes in preparation of his debut solo album Devil’s Playground.

Hook: I’m Calm and Collected/Armed and I’m reckless/ these words cut deep/in a matter of a second/damn!! They Got me screaming Murder!!!

The hook is sung by P Dot O. He explains his statue that he is ready and calm about his music. He is stating his words are murderous


V.1- Open the book please/they choking they shook fiends/

outspoken the truth/speaks with vocals of youth/


P Dot refers to his rhyme book that his fans and listeners are fiending, craving his music. He writes truth with a soft tone/he is speaking on behalf of the youth (speaks with vocals of youth)

I’m Toting to shoot these niggaz /Coz they broken and they knowing that I could feast on them/coz they look weak (hahah)

He addresses rappers saying that he feels like directing hits to them as they know what he is capable of

Welcome back to the Studio/motherfuckaz try to shoot me down but I’m coolio/

Coolio the rapper has stated that he has been shot at ten times. These bars also mean that he is back in the booth and no one will bring him down for his passion, he is chilled “I’m coolio”

Stupid Hoes/use to Going buck for the usual/while we in the kitchen steady flipping up the doe/

Name calls rappers/fans that they going crazy for the redundant & normal while they are busy in the studio cooking heat

I’m so cold/i’m Cut throat/i’m dope I’m cut-coke/I fuck slow/make her feel the pipe/then Cum/stroke – the D /

We live it while u wishing it/killing every fucken’ song/ you tossing at me this shit is sick/

P Dot states that while rappers are wishing for his life, he is actually living it. From above par songs to the women he fornicates with.

( Ooh) I go hard when the lights dim/Yes!!! the flow’s charged and I write piff/Yes/

Piff means dope, good. P Dot explains his delivery is immaculate and the lyrics he writes are A-Grade

You so far from the right hit/No..With no Heart you cannot Swim!!

Directs rappers about their music and passion. He says rappers are not delivering the correct sound and there is no passion in their music.

Yes!!Brutalize the instrumental/I’m mental/ I speak the truth/ Hypothetically you the best/P is just spiritual/

P they see fire all day when they look at you/Haters all yellow when they pekachu (peak at you)

P Dot states he goes crazy on a beat. This maybe his conscience speaking. Saying he is supposedly good, he touches people’s spirits. He is hot property and haters are yellow which may be a comparison to the red hot fire he is. Also, a play on words on the phrase “peak at you/Pikachu” Pikachu is a Pokemon cartoon that is yellow in colour


V.2! Lately I just act a fool/Crazy’ yeah that might be true/every single word I speak behind the mic is prolly true/Sleeping on the best/

P Dot states he speaks truth when on the mic and everybody is unaware of the talent. “Sleeping on the best”

yes..Beasting on the track/Bless/Everybody/keeping it legit’/so the Next step is dropping the single/

Next single off Devil’s Playground is fun with it featuring Cashtime.

I keep topping your expectancy/rocking the middle of Pain/Something you expect to see!!!

P Dot states he keep growing and elevating. He pin points the market like touching where it hurts, you in the middle of the pain

No motherfuckin’ Fear!! I’m carrying a lot wit me!!Walking through the night/ with a flashlight and batteries/Hoping that you like/every word that come outa me/

A night patroller walks at night with a flashlight. P Dot compares himself to a night patroller with his music. He says he doesn’t sleep, he is up all night working on music and hopes you appreciate his dedication through his music

but if u don’t’. Its cool Its still motherfucken prophecy/meaning that I’m prophetic/

Back to the previous line about appreciation, he says even if you don’t his verses are still stories worth telling.

Learning (cough) syrup!!/i’m lying I’m drinking Gin n Juice/then I speak the truth/

P Dot shows he is not with the new cool thing of drinking cough syrup or sizzurp as its known. Gin & Juice may refer to the old school, as a song by Dr Dre & Snoop was titled the same.

top 5!!!I crush your top 5/with a hot line/Pop 5 bitchez/ with a smile and a hot rhyme (Pause)whew!!

P Dot claims top spot by saying he can demolish your favorite 5 rappers with a hot line. Then get 5 ladies by a simple smile and a verse.

I Thought I told you that its crunch time/pay attention to a Living legend on a dumb grind/Post traumatic stress/I was Feeling unappreciated/pressure on my chest/ the heavy load is now alleviated/Ready for this game/and I’m hoping I’m still your only favorite/

P Dot states that all this pain he is feeling was because he felt slept on & unappreciated. Now that he has all that weight off him, he is taking the game on. Also a plea to his die hards that he hopes they still vouch for him

Hated, debated/I concentrated on the shit that made us/ Music is my life /that’s why I breathe through the microphone/some of y’all is nice/the rest need to leave the mic alone (Yes)! The single dropping in a few days/open your heart and let God never lose faith!!

Declares he loves the music business, states some rappers are just average and should leave the music. States the next single is ready and people should never lose faith in him


Explanations by: @SDotJR_


**Explanations that are GREEN have been Verified by the Artist.

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