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DECYPHER: Nova – Black Out Ft. P Dot O And Reverb

June 26, 2013
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“Black Out” is a song about complete takeover of the game, where the artists shut it down. Check out this DeCypher. 

Intro : Vuyo Nova

Ye, its a black out man.

Obsessed with success, the Hit Cartel.

A cartel is an alliance of the same goal. In this case, Nova is saying himself, Revrb and P Dot have the same goal of delivering hits

I’m rolling with Reverb & Pdot O.

Yes sir!


Hook : Reverb

We keep it steady, on the low down

We gone shut it down

We gone shut it down

Another black out, another black out

Another black out, it’s another black out

We gone shut it down homie, down homie

Another black out, another black out

Another black out, it’s another black out


Verse 1 : PdotO

Novy whats crackin? – Blu Murda

Ahh, catch up lil niggas

Shit is funny, make me crack up. lil niggas

P Dot refers to his competition as miniature. Goes on to say their releases are chasing his prestige and he finds that funny.


Finna cause a fucking black out lil niggas

Refridgearator man, your cracks up lil niggas

Refridgerators are known to keep things cold and icy. The comparison continues to ice cracking, may mean they are melting and faulting as the cracks show.


Catastrophic flow,

Get ‘em spazzin, then I go

DP, be a classic,

DP refers to P Dot O’s upcoming album titled Devil’s Playground


Watch me cakin up the doe

Fresh sneaks, I speak

I complete, the streets… Legend

P Dot says he is getting money and new sneakers from his raps which he says speak for the streets and in those streets, he’s a legend


Find me, a place for me, to rest my feet

Ok.. Impossible is dead to me

These obstacles are necessary

He talks about his ambition & drive and how he feels all that’s before him trying to stop him makes him prove his pedigree.


Necessary to press repeat

Listen while I kick a six-teen,

When you listen to his verse, a 16 bar verse, you have to repeat it to get the message


Baby Boy,

My shits mean

Baby Boy,

Make your grandmama, stand up

Scream, crazy noise

He says his verse are outstanding and they even get the older generation ululating and/or screaming


I’m an artist, yes, my eyes red, im heartless

In movies, zombies are predicted as dead and heartless with red eyes. It may also mean he doesn’t sleep as an artist hence the red eyes and he is relentless with his art


You’ll just, quick to talk shit

My bars, just beast on the mic bitch

Black Out the light, ditch

You and your whole crew

Sharin up a light spliff wow

Refers to his haters that all they do is talk foul. He is about black out their whole cheap squad as referring to them sharing a light marijuana joint.


Hook : Reverb


Verse 2 : Vuyo Nova

Ba re, ke ya phapha

Ba re, ke ya speeda… write a ticket then

Direct translation: “They Say I’m hyper/ They say I’m speeding”


ba re, ke ya bora, dawg ba lora

Direct translation: “They say I’m boring, dawg they dreaming”

Aint talking parties, but sunny o mo jaiving

Jaiving in Tsotsi taal slang means dancing/trouble. In this context Nova play on the double meaning, as in parties people dance but here is saying y’all in trouble.


Watch your mumi closely

Catch dick swift, in a whip… Boity

Watch your mumi closely

Catch dick swift, in a whip… Boity

It is rumoured the celebrity Boity only dates guys with cars. Nova says if your lady is like Boity, he will fornicate with her in a car. Whip is slang for car.


I need that money lapha,

Like Kaizer Chiefs needs Shabba,

Nova talks about how he needs money and makes comparison with football team Kaizer Chiefs’ captain Siphiwe “Shabba” Shabalala how they need him


Ba re flow ya baba

Direct Transaltion: “They say the flow is chilli hot”


Oh riley, oh fo really

i’m just trying to stack a milli

I just never lose HOPE… Mr Bo Brady

Nova references a character on the soapie “Days of Our Lives” named Hope. In the soapie the character’s husband name is, Bo Brady.


Days of our Lives

Always on the grind

Continuation from previous line about the soapie’s character. Nova says everyday, they are forever working.


My mama, loves Beamers ima quarter to eight her.. 7:45

The nickname to the BMW range 745 is quarter to eight as the model number is the equivalent of time in a digital format.

All these niggas mannequins

All fake. No Heart.

Mannequins are the plastic models that get dressed at shops to showcase the clothes for display. Nova compares rappers to the mannequins as they represent human beings

Man i save City… Joe Hart

Joe Hart is the goalkeeper of English Premiership football team Manchester City

Shit is..

They tell me I’m sick

Yet the fucking wish me well… oh well

Being labeled sick in hip hop means you have skill. Nova finds the statement contradictory. Also, if you labeled sick (good) and someone wishes you well, they actually wishing you fall off.


Hook : Reverb

 Explanations by: @SDotJR_


**Explanations that are GREEN have been Verified by the Artist.

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