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ProVerb decypher

DeCypher: ProVerb – Writer’s Club Lyrics

October 26, 2012
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  1. Im thrilledthat someone can think this deep.Initially I was thinking Proverb is just making up senseless verse on this track,I respect you my man big time and that makes me to go back and look at my material again,Im a n MC who is trying to break through in this music industry but financial wise Im still hustlin and struggling.I was incarcerated thats when I discover my talent even though before I was still a Hiphop head since the days of LE CLUB.Over all i like to say Enuff Respeckt to you my homie.

  2. This simply makes u take a second look @ your own work as a rapper! …Simply Incredible….I’d be honoured to read the Chapters of a Book by Proverb so that I can get inspired like I do when I read Chapters in the Book of Proverbs..

  3. I saw the video of the song I was like wow well edited when Proverb raps words flash but it was to fast 4 me 2 understand I searched 4 the meaning now it makes sense @proverb

  4. It takes great minds to understand wat a great mind says. Dis is some serious and deep rhymes dat wil stand d test of tym. Respect Pro!

  5. It is Profound how one has to contradict himself to help others realise that their talents have a sense of vocation in a world where money is the norm.

    this slander is an euphemized sublime message that speaks a true seems of emotional navigation.

    writers club
    (Rap Normentry)@Mxit

    This is a subject of the blind. the sees all subliminal messages to my mind.

  6. Anyone have any idea where can i download this track on a mobile platform? Btw, my favorite line ” i feel like, my mind is mute and my heart is talkative, or my mind is blind and my hear is like walking stick” heart beat.

  7. The writers club lyrics are too deep and fruitful

  8. Hands up 4 proverb
    Thiz iz sam deep staff
    U really really like
    One ov ma favourite songz

  9. Proverb you just immortalized your name in SA music my boy….BEST EVER???? you keep throwing your name in there man, someone has to listen eventually!!!!