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Crack The Castle Lite Code And Unlock The Story

August 8, 2014
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castle lite

They can be discovered on websites all over the world, from Google, to YouTube even Vogue. And now a unique digital ‘Easter Egg’ has made an appearance on South Africa’s leading premium and innovative beer brand, Castle Lite’s site, with the introduction of their Castle Lite Cold Room Campaign. And it seems that Castle Lite’s loyal consumers truly loved their ‘Easter Egg’ experience, which had the Twittersphere abuzz on Friday the 1st of August, as posts spread about the brand’s intentional cryptic message hidden within its site and social media posts that ultimately allowed consumers to unlock free beer from the Castle Lite Cold Room.

Until Sunday August 10, the brand will be giving away 500 8-packs of Castle Lite. Each day the brand will announce access to the Cold Room, which will fall at a certain time each day, where the first 44 users will each receive a WiCode which enables them to receive a free 440ml 8-pack from participating Shoprite LiquorShop or Checkers LiquorShop stores countrywide.

Not only will the brand’s consumers be rewarded with free Castle Lite but they will also have an opportunity to share in their mutual love of music. Vaughan Croeser, Communication Marketing Manager of Castle Lite said: “On redemption of their allocated WiCode, they will receive a second SMS notifying them that they have opened an Extra Cold Music account. They can then use the codes under the caps to download the latest local and international music from Castle Lite’s Extra Cold Music platform for free,”

You know what to do…


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