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Competition: Win 4 VIP Tickets to Head Honcho’s Stay Fresh Saturday Event

August 29, 2012
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Winners Announced: Congratulations to Carmen and Sbu, you have each won two VIP Tickets to Head Honcho’s Stay Fresh Saturday!!!

The good people from Head Honcho have decided to give two lucky CHEKA Digital readers a chance of winning double VIP Tickets to their Stay Fresh event happening on the 8th of September.

STAY FRESH SATURDAY, Head Honcho’s highly popular summer event, is back with a bang in 2012 as we welcome back the days of cocktails and Le Good Life while basking in the sun. Living up to their motto; “Live Progressively”, this upcoming event will be hosted at one of the most exclusive and highly sought-after venues in the Mother City; The Grand Cafe & Beach.



  1. I think I should win the tickets because I’ll b coming all the way from port elizabeth for this gig,I’m working full time and studyin partime all in the name of progression and I could really use a break and a day basking in the sun chillin having cocktails will just be perfect:-)

  2. The VIP tickets I know I deserve. You know I deserve, I always #StayFresh, I love #HeadHoncho I just can pretend. You know I deserve, got my #Miller in my hand, we all wanna #Play, I just can’t not winnnnnnn! The VIP tickets I know I deserve yeah, the vip tickets YOU knw I deserve,yeah!

    • I’ll win the VIP tickets because i deserve to win it and also i like head honcho i like the “m’rappa swagg” very like it salute to my nigga “AKA”

  3. Whoever said the best things in life are free, would probably reconsider that statement after seeing Head Honcho gear. As a Head Honcho gear collector, I believe in Living Progressively, and what better way to live that way than sharing a VIP suite with one of my greatest inspirations Mr Nick Kaoma… Head Honcho helps me stay Fresh while I try to get Money and these VIP tickets might just change my life for the better!

  4. The movement that is Head Honcho is etched into my DNA, the lifestyle, the message that is carried by the brand is something that I exhibit with pride, there is no better brand bearer who can remind them all to stay fresh…

  5. Wow! What an amazing competition :) Well I’ve only been to one of the HeadHoncho events and that was last year December! Winning these 4 VIP tickets would be a dream come true for me! To actually experience the summer/spring HH event for the first time :) meet & greet our finest DJs who will be gracing us with beautiful summer tunes.. I would love to attend the event & let it be an unforgettable opportunity! Thank you to the HH crew for these great competitions! #StayWinning!! <3 xx :)

  6. I think i should win the tickets because…why not?
    Also, i will have to go through great lenths to get there, and i would probably be the entertainment (yes better than Sizwe as hot as he is) anyway give the tickets please!!!!!

  7. The Head Honcho movement, has certainly been creating a hype among friends, peers and the like…. I have never been part of the movement and I’ve only head the most freshest yet sickest reviews from friends.

    It is my last year in Cape Town before I jet off back to the rural Outskirts of Mpumalanga and what better way to say Goodbye to the Mother City than this spectacular party at one of the most amazing venues in the Cape Town.

    I got my Camera, Check, Spring Outfit in Prints and pastels, Check, now awaiting the for the one way pass to bid farewell to Cape Town.


    One of Kenzhero’s biggest fans.
    Lawrence Dube

  8. Once again winning these 4 amazing VIP tickets would be totaly awsome! Sipping on cocktails, enjoying the vibe with beautiful people & hopefully Cape town weather won’t disappoint :) I’m very excited for this event, as its going to be a huge one! I want to capture the great, unforgettable memories of this upcoming day, so that I can brag about it to those who won’t be attending! hehe.
    I hope I win these tickets, after all it’s going to be WORTH IT!! :)


  9. With Head Honcho pushing SA swag, what better way to do it than on the sandy white beaches of granger bay, with beautiful scenery and a cool Miller in hand – my girls and I would compliment this beautifully;-)

    The only way we know how to do this is in VIP, so come on stop denying the inevitable you know we deserve this.


  10. Have you ever seen the Grand Beach Cafe???? I can’t believe these guys got this venue, its eeeaaasily one of my favourite places in CT. Yo these dudes had rose petals in the urinals the last time I was there, I kid you not. But check this out, a client of ours tried to book the venue for a private event last year and got quoted R250 000 during peak season…I’ll give you time to say that number again yeah? Two hundred and fiddy thou :’D …insane. Grand Cafe almost feels like it got lost on its way to Camps Bay, what with the ocean leading up to and its loungy outdoors atmosphere. In any case, there is no the venue will disappoint anyone attending, especially with the CT weather willing to play along this weekend.

    So now we know how the Honcho’s are getting the ball rolling as the festive part of the year approaches…who wouldn’t want to join them live and party progressively this Saturday? Lineup looks sure to complement the good taste in venue, so this promises to be an experience that will be almost impossible to improve on, and one I’ve been having FOMO on for the better part of the month! And the honeys will be crazy suhn!

    This week must just make way.

  11. ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHTTTT…… free VIP tickets, see my eyes, see my eyes…ROLLING ‘EM (with excitement ofcourse) It would be amaze-balls if I could win these tickets!!!! Ball so hard, Head Honcho wanna find me:-)

    Give me tickets please!!! hehehehehehehe *evil laugh*

  12. 3 of my fellow journalism students are coming to Cape Town, from Pretoria, for their annual academic excursion, the timing of their trip coincides with The Stay Fresh. I would dearly like to attend this event with them, to engrave a lasting impression of the Cape Town social atmosphere. They have made it my duty, as a Cape Town resident, to ensure that they have the time of their lives during their trip to the Mother City.
    With this in mind, I believe I (and my 3 friends) deserve to win the tickets. *please & thanks*

  13. From mutswako, 2 conscious tongues, rapped around a mic dat keep me on my feet, from lines tsa “bosso ki’mang 2 AkA is beast his a problem thou” Head honcho is ALL i know. a night spent with da seeds dat keep local HIP HOP alive would be 2 Ill, winning those tickets would totally kill…..4 da love of music

  14. I deserve to win because I’ve been waiting for a chance to see Khenzero & Naves for a really long time now. Everytime they are in town I am either studying for an exam or I’m just too broke (which is the case now). I’ve heard of their legendary sets since 1st year. Also all my friends will be there. :)

  15. Now go ahead and put ur drinks up high
    Now go ahead and put ur HONCHO GEAR on
    Put ur drinks up, put ur MILLERS up, put ur drinks up high
    Toast to the TICKETS that we gonna get
    Toast to the DJs that gonna be rocking on the decks
    Toast to the PARTY we never gonna 4get
    TOAST, TOAST, TOAST, TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. @CHEKAdigital If you wanna maintain your street cred, this is how: Take a group of hot gals who party like its their job, add a couple of Millers, mojitos, sexy peeps, hot beats and booties outta seats – and you got yourself the HOTTEST event of the year!

  17. Duude i think im the biggest supporter of the head honcho brand, not 2mention that i make it a point 2buy a tshirt or sweater of wateva they range out to their outlets..the launch parties tht they throw are th illest, good people,dopest lineup of performances, nick kaoma and the team really knw how 2throw a party, the dopest one ive bn 2was the summer launch party tht was in gateway last year, bringz back sum memories..im a proud honcho, winning the vip tickets wud mean i get to relive that all over agen but in VIP status

    Plus I checked out the venue and shit it looks too proper. They even call it the “Ibiza in Cape Town”
    It looks beautiful please hook a brother up.

  18. Just recently moved from Bloem, I’ve never been to one of this event only ever heard people talk about it or seen it on the net. It would be highly appreciated if I could be rolling VIP style for my first so that I can have the ultimate experience. I want to STAY FRESH LIKE that…

  19. A honcho is what I am and anyone who knows me will tell you. I live by the motto (Stay fresh) and progression is my mission. I ain’t asking for no! favours as I will be covering the event for the publication I work for .. but the VIP tickets would be a bonus as I will strive to capture the best footage and images for the events, YouTube and mobile page of the publication I work for.. yessir!, even when I’m at a stay fresh party, I still keep my eye on the main prize!

  20. Wow oh wow! These tickets are definitely mine because I absolutely love staying fresh and getting money and there no better way than to do that with the honcho tickets. I also deserve these tickets because I would love to party it up with the CHEKA team. The honcho event will also be the best platform to socialize, see the new designs honcho has…. And of course show off my sexy summer legs that I’ve been working on ALL winter long.

    So I deserve to win win WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I wanna stay fresh, I wanna listen to sweet good music, I wanna hang out with good people and I wanna enjoy the good life and thats what Head Honcho’s STAY FRESH SATURDAY is all about, and thats why I deserve to have those tickets in my hands.

  22. the nice thing about being given a platform to write something to sell oneself as to why one deserves to be given VIP tickets to Head Honcho’s Stay Fresh Party is that, by the time you finish reading this you will realize that I actually didn’t say much as to why i deserve the tickets.. but just wanted to be different from all the lot here here ..now I’m sure you’ll agree that lil’ performance deserves VIP tickets :-)

  23. Staying fresh is a way of life! This is something i attest to each and everyday. Seeing as Head Honcho throws the freshest parties, it would be an honor for me to win these VIP tickets.
    So with that said…
    Grand Beach Cafe, CHECK
    Naves, Sizwe Dhlomo, Kenzhero & Fanatic, CHECK
    Head Honcho Gear, CHECK
    Stay Fresh Saturday, CHECK
    VIP TICKETS, … <-(That's all i'm missing)
    Let's Stay Fresh wih Head Honcho YO!

  24. Grand West Arena, Cape Town

  25. Nothing will keep me looking fresher than VIP passes, and no one will keep you more fresher than having me and my girlfriend in the VIP suite with you

  26. After watching the video of last year’s event by SumSayCool, Zunaid the Editor, I was SOLD!

    Stay Fresh Saturday

    Main Ingredients:
    1 Trend Setting Host: Head Honco
    1 Dope Venue: The Grand cafe, Cape Town
    9 DJs Gauranteed to keep the party going until the sun rises
    1 Amazing Live Act
    1 Awesomely exclusive VIP area
    Melting pot of a crowd
    Unlimited drinks to enhance that melting pot

    Missing Ingredients:
    Roxanne Gabriella Botman
    Her Fresh Girlfriend
    The rest of the Clique

    Mix all ingredients on the 7 Septmeber 2013. Have a taste and prepare to be amazed.

  27. Honcho is the best hip hop clothing line of our generation, bring us the best events with the best music performances, I should win because iv never expressed anything like this, and I would love to express something like this, please consider my request,… Thank you.

  28. Help this KZN boi stay fresh