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Winners Announced: Win 3 Double VIP Tickets to Urban Blend

October 3, 2012
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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Congrats to Jane.D, Yiva Maqungo and Keenan Du Plooy. You each win 2 VIP Tickets to Urban Blend.

It’s competition time again! We’re giving away 3 sets of VIP tickets to this weekend’s Urban Blend Event, taking place at The Loop in Cape Town. Right, so how do you enter? That’s easy. Just answer the following question: Name on of the DJ’s or Artists that will be performing at the Urban Blend Party.



  1. FonZo

  2. Apoc

  3. Tumi will be performng and DJ Lloyd will be on the ones and twos

  4. Fonzo

  5. Ruffest too :)

  6. Oh and Apoc

  7. Dj Lyle

  8. Tumi

  9. Dj Lyle

  10. Dj Lloyd and APOC

  11. Tumi

  12. Dj Lyle (The King)

  13. Dj lyle

  14. The Hope Dealer, APOC is on deck!

  15. Dj Loyd, Dj Lyle, Groove Afrika, Fonzo, Tumi & APOC

  16. Tumi

  17. Dj Lyle

  18. Chad Cudi

  19. FonZo


  21. Winners announced. We will contact all winners via email shortly. Thanks for entering.