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Coconut Status

September 24, 2012
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People have been calling me a coconut though. It’s clear that my epicness is overwhelming and I show people flames with my apparent coconut vibes.

So I have decided to embrace the “coconut status”, not because it is accurate, but because it doesn’t even begin to define me. It seems as though putting this stamp on me makes you feel better about yourself. For a black girl who apparently doesn’t tickle your fancy, you sure pay a lot of attention to me. So I will be who you want me to be, purely because this “coconut status” really makes me sound a lot better than I actually am.



  1. Clearly you must be doing something right that people even bother to start labeling you. I for one have had my share of labels, only when people bothered to know me did they feel ashamed for jumping the gun without reason! Thank you for sharing Star.