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Unsigned Artists: CHEKA Digital Introduces #RepYoCity

June 11, 2013
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Rep Yo City FINAL

At CHEKA Digital we believe talent doesn’t reside in one area code. Any city may brew the next big star and talent travels across any barrier and toll gate. If you think that next star could you be you, hit the jump.

We are excited to launch a new feature called #RepYoCity. We invite artists from all over the country and continent even to showcase what they made of, regardless of their hometown. Even better, we encourage these artists to demonstrate that their hometown has a star in the making.

We ask artists to submit their music for the feature and get a chance to be profiled on one of the biggest street culture magazines on the web.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Submit One mixed/mastered song (in mp3 format, 192 KBPS or higher)
2. Create Artwork for the track (Minimum resolution of 500 x 500 Pixels)
3. Write a short bio for the track/artist (2-4 Sentences), area code, list producer credit, and links to your Social Media profile or website.
4. Email us the track, artwork and track/artist bio (word document) to submit@chekadigital.co.za with the subject line clearly written #RepYoCity
5. At CHEKA Digital we select quality over quantity. Not all tracks submitted to us will be featured.

Please Note: Submissions that don’t follow this procedure will be ignored.

Only submissions from South Africa will be accepted for this feature.

The successful submissions will be on the site on a Monday and people will get to vote for their favourite songs. In the same week, the winning song/artist will be exclusively interviewed on CHEKA Digital.

Show the world you got talent and you may be your city’s hero.

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