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CHEKA Digital Interviews Sean Pages and Teepee

November 4, 2013
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The Outcome cover

Ahead of the release of The Outcome, a collabo album from R&B crooner Teepee and rapper slash producer Sean Pages, we got to chop it up from the two who are adamant they are not a group or a band but two great musicians who embarked on a first of its kind album from South African shores. Lets get it right!

CHEKA DIGITAL: Fellas, we’ve heard “Body Work” and we now know that a full album will be coming out titled The Outcome, what inspired the collabo project? And do you have a group name for you two?

SEAN PAGES: Guess it all started with our first joint together, which was “Get it right” and from there just appreciated each other’s passion for good work. Plus our synergy is something else. At first we had just wanted to do a quick mixtape but once we realized what we have, were like “f**k it! This gotta be an album”.

TEEPEE: Well, to clear the air, we are not a group/band we are both extremely talented solo forces on one project, so the names remain Teepee & Sean Pages and good music is The Outcome.

CHEKA DIGITAL: Best of Both Worlds, Face Off are two albums that come to mind when we thinking about magnitude of your collabo as it fuses hip hop & R&B. What is the projected outcome or goal are you gents expecting from The Outcome?

SEAN PAGES: To be honest, this was more of a natural decision and we have the same taste in beats from get it, change, ducci, we just realised we do great music when we combined, great music.

TEEPEE: What we hope to achieve with this record or concept is that people see that unity is possible in the SA game, and to obviously gas up our solo projects “Teepee Time” and “Zone out”.

CHEKA DIGITAL: Sean Pages you’ve shared the reasons for the delay in your debut solo album. How different is the music from The Outcome to the Sean Pages we’ve known thus far?

SEAN PAGES: The artist path is still the same; you’ll hear a dude challenging himself musically. Only difference you gonna spot is growth and elevation. I just do sh*t that touches souls, nothing more nothing less.

CHEKA DIGITAL: Teepee, you’ve earned the title of SA’s king of hooks. How do you plan on showing SA and the world that your talents go beyond just singing hooks and many people may not know this, but you ALSO rap?

SEAN PAGES: Lol yep he raps on a couple joints in the project. I even took a shot at singing on one joint, we had mad fun recording this project.  I wont lie, Teepee is one of the most talented vocalists in this country and I cant wait for the world to hear what he did here, I’d get goose bumps (nohomo) listening to him kill it, goose bumps ma nigga!!!!! Real talk!!!!

TEEPEE: Hahahaha! King o’ hooks huh? Well I don’t blame people out there for thinking that hooks are my only strength because that’s how they know Teepee, it’s also a plus for my brand as well cause I’ve managed to keep myself relevant with every era in hip hop/R&B or music in general, I’ve adapted well, I’ve managed for the past seven years without fail to have a successful hook/collaboration or two or three every year, so there’s still some excitement in my brand cause peeps wanna hear what Teepee can do on a verse. Hahaha, who told you such?!!! Kidding, the rappin is something I do just to practice my flows, cause my singing flows are a situation I tell ya, even if I say so myself, but yeah, I rap now and then.

CHEKA DIGITAL: SAMA committee will have a difficult time in distinguishing on which category to place The Outcome so according to you gents, how would you classify the music that we will hear from the album?

SEAN PAGES: Lets see: Best collabo, best duo, best song, best-produced, best hip hop, album of the year. Yep that sounds accurate. Though there’s jazzy and R&B to it, I can say the whole theme of it is hip hop. Lot of musicality involved and lot of dynamism in the layout of the whole song, nowhere near stagnant I can say.

TEEPEE: Haai, they must just put us under bet duo or something, we can’t help you with the genre, but our sound is alternative meets hip hop meets soul, meets R&B meets Club bangin etc.! Just a good ol’ music salad, very good for you.

CHEKA DIGITAL: This is possibly the first of its kind collabo in SA, what would be your advice to rappers and singers who are looking to pursue such a collabo?

SEAN PAGES: Understand each other and respect one another’s artistry.

TEEPEE: Do it for the right reasons, not solely because of the hype the individuals have, the synergy should be there, there’s a certain connection that comes with these things, and it’s a whole lot easier if ya’ll are homeboys or homegirls.

CHEKA DIGITAL: Now moving to solo albums, is there any solo work we could anticipate from Sean Pages and Teepee in the near future?

SEAN PAGES: Friday the 13th my Zone Out EP was released on my website www.seanpages.com so be on the lookout for that. My second beat tape Samplicity vol2 will also drop nest week or so and after this I’ll be working on my album FAWL, we also currently working on Teepee’s album, the work don’t stop.

TEEPEE: Oh definitely!  The Outcome is like the prelude to Teepee Time which I’ve been working on for like, ever, hahaha, but it’s sounding too special, ask anyone who’s had the opportunity to a sneak peek, and I’ve also heard Sean’s Zone Out hhhm! It aint looking good for the non-believers hey, trust me.

CHEKA DIGITAL: Quick fire questions. Rate the collabos out of 5


Jay Z & R. Kelly               3

Bow Wow & Omarion    2

Reason & KG                   4

Drake & Trey Songz       4

P Dot O & J Lawless      4



Jay Z & R. Kelly               6/5 boss collab this

Bow Wow & Omarion  2 it was too cute for my liking

Reason & KG                   4

Drake & Trey Songz      4

P Dot O & J Lawless      4


CHEKA DIGITAL: Thank you for your time gents, all the best with the project and future endeavors. We’ll keep our ears on the ground.


Compiled & Written By: Siphiwe Zwane (@SdotJR_)

Image Credit: Ice Cream magazine

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