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January 8, 2014
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As challenging as it is to come up with your own clothing label in South Africa we caught up with a new young fresh crew form Cape Town that is determined to make an impact in the game with their unique approach and out of the box thinking when it comes to making garments and getting in the industry. BuddSkateCo is a clothing label that is highly influenced by the skating culture co-owned by Khanya Kokoma and Neo Mayo and is managed by Nwabisa Kokoma.

We sat down with the Cape town based label to explore more about the brand and this is what they had to say…

Give us a background on BuddSkateCo. 

We started off skating the streets of Langa and soon began to skate at sailsians, before we knew it my friend and I were involved in the whole skater lifestyle.We became aware of the simplicity of life and the skater dudes we started hanging with ,Neo and I had been thinking of ways to add to this lifestyle, we decided we wanted to start a T-shirt line we didn’t know what we would call it but we knew we wanted to steer away from the typical printing of our name on a T-shirt…We also knew we wanted people to buy more than a T-shirt with our name printed on it, we wanted people to buy more than that,However we both didn’t have time because we both still in high school….later in the year I received an assignment for school so I decided I’d try out the idea we had in mind which was creating a brand that represented our lifestyle and also environmentally friendly, so I set on finding T-shirts made from a different type of material, luckily we found T-shirts that were made from organic cotton and I started tye-dying for my assignment and made a few samples to show to our friends. My parents thought this was an awesome idea and said that we should build on it…soon our dyed organic cotton T-shirts turned into bucket hats for summer and all this budded into what is known as Budds today!! We are still working on developing and expanding Budds for chicks as well,all we can say is “Cape Town is in for treat this summer” so join the movement!!

How did you come up with the name BuddSkateCo?

When we came up with the name we thought about what brought us together, it was friendship and we thought about what we want this to bring us which was also growth.

What are the inspirations behind your designs ?

What inspired us was the easy going Indy skater lifestyle,we also wanted to be environmentally friendly and we knew what we were doing was different to what other skater brands were doing.


Any labels you’d like to collaborate with? 

We would love to work with Diamond  Supply co.

What does the future hold for BuddSkateCo?

Well of course we plan to grow more by introducing more collections for skater girls under BuddSkateCo and expand through making other people aware of the story behind Budds making it easier to understand what we are about! In that way we hope our clientele will grow to more than just skaters.

BuddSkateCo Tie-Dye summer t-shirts and bucket hats are available at Boaston Society, Cape Town.
Follow BuddSkateCo on Twitter at : @BuddSkateCo

Interview By: @iam_Stunner
Images By: @BEN_DRKCHQ

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