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On The Gram

Jan 05, 2016No Comments9520 Views

We take a look a look at some of the posts a couple rappers posted on Instagram in the past 48 hours.   Stern warning


Live The Experience

Dec 15, 2015No Comments12274 Views

​ I enter the venue, get my VIP tag and proceed straight to the bar. Greet the bartender with a smile and order a double


A List Listing Why Lists Have Little to do ...

Dec 03, 2015No Comments12547 Views

​ Tinkies. Eggs. Milk. Vegetables. Fish. Garlic bread. My grocery list changes every month. It depends on what’s needed at the time. The order is


Do Brands Make The Cypher Complete?

Nov 26, 2015No Comments11334 Views

​   While I was typing this on my [insert popular cellphone manufacturer] whilst I was smoking a [insert popular cigarette brand], I realized I

north god

​ A god Amongst Mortals: Bow To Da L.E.S

Nov 26, 2015No Comments9452 Views

​ I call myself a god. Not blasphemous in any nature, also not the Tumblr acronym “Guy Overly Dedicated” even though it is part of

we need a title

We Need To BETR: A Closer Look At BETR Gang

Nov 19, 2015No Comments8577 Views

​   “You never land BETR than us / Is BETR Gang BETR enough / as everything settles to dust / she said we only

Kid X

The Kid is Xcellent

Nov 18, 2015No Comments8710 Views

​   The Nike app records running speed & distance covered. I have it on my phone. I don’t run but if I did, I’d

Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly – Bula Boot (Official Vid...

Nov 13, 2015No Comments5730 Views

  One of the most scorching joints we’ve heard finally gets visual treatment. Priddy Ugly pops the trunk on us, Bula Boot!   One word

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Ciroc Summer Take-Over

Nov 11, 20151 Comment3252 Views

  After attending the Ciroc Pineapple launch in Cape Town at the end of October, which took place at the One & Only hotel, there’s


From Giyani With a Beautiful Album

Nov 11, 2015No Comments4507 Views

  ​I’ve never really been to Giyani but only as a stop on my way to Musina. Its a beautiful view to take in.