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AKA feat

The Villain of The Rap Game

May 28, 2015Comments off1902 Views

  “First time in my life I got nothing to prove / First time in my life I got something to lose”   Kiernan “AKA”


OPINION: You Mad, Bruh!

Jul 10, 2014Comments off11443 Views

When I die and the pearly gates close on my unkempt bearded face for squatting a poop on heaven’s lawns and I’m relegated to the

word up feat

Opinion: It’s Not Always Black And Wh...

Nov 25, 2013Comments off2982 Views

Black people are stingy with their culture. Hey garz. I know my roast is already old news, but I feel that I owe this explanation

seoulbeats feat

Rant: I Don’t Wanna Pull The Race Car...

Aug 21, 2013Comments off3039 Views

I don’t wanna pull the race card, I really don’t but I must. I must because I can’t think of any other reason why. I’ve

team work

Social Media: A Place For Vultures Amidst A...

Jul 16, 2013Comments off2070 Views

What a funny world we live in. A world filled with strangers and so called online persona’s. A place where we are believed to have

not just a song

It’s Not Just a Song

Jun 06, 2013Comments off1551 Views

As hard as it may be to say this, I believe it to be true; black music has sunken to a gravely low in terms


Love In An Age Of Social Media

Mar 04, 2013Comments off1988 Views

As a woman who believed in meeting a guy the ‘traditional’ way; for many that would be in a mall, while out shopping, or for

african clasroom

The Poverty Of South Africa’s Educati...

Oct 16, 2012Comments off3678 Views

I was educated in this country, and so I am a product of this education system. I am a product of a system that allows


In My Own Words: I’ve been robbed

Aug 26, 2012Comments off2569 Views

I’ve never been much of a reader but I’ve been a listener. I’ve always loved stories being told to me as a youngster by my