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BoolZ – Bring Tha Hate EP [Listen]

August 7, 2014
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Talking the title of his EP, BoolZ told CHEKA Digital: “Well it’s called Bring Tha Hate because most of my life I’ve been criticised and hated on because I was always different and always did things the way I wanted. Now I’m older and I don’t care so I’m like ‘Bring It’, whatever, I’m used to it. It’s nothing really because I’m different and I’m cool with that. I have my own opinion on things and so do you.

He went on to describe Bring Tha Hate  as “basically a combination / amalgamation of all the genres I like all in one project, just interpreted in like a hip-hop way most of the time. The lyrics are careless and honest, full of freedom and local original slang. Little bit of the past, future and some current shit, just having fun. I recorded the whole EP with JC Brown ( Head sound engineer at Rude World Records ), all the beats and lyrics were done by me. Aphe Kapa was produced by my friend Thando aka Touch and Hleligrand by my good friend Terra Nekro.

You can listen and download the full EP here…


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