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Black Noise To Perform At Kennedy Center In Washington DC

March 17, 2014
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black noise

South Africa’s oldest Hip Hop group, Black Noise, have been confirmed to perform as part of the One Mic Festival in Washington DC in the USA. One of the founding members of Black Noise and Hip Hop/ Break-dance Pioneers, Emile YX?, has said that it comes just in time to celebrate Black Noise 26th Anniversary. 3 of the members going along are younger than the group itself. Last year Emile started the Heal the Hood Hip Hop practical School called “Mixed Mense”. 2 of these guys got to travel to the Kalahari with Emile last year and this year they will get to travel and perform on one of the biggest stages in the world.

The MC’s/ Rappers leave on March 18 for Atlanta for a talk about Hip Hop in South Africa. They then are joined by the rest on the March 29 in Washington DC. The group then leaves for Connecticut for Trinity Hip Hop Festival. Emile leaves for a talk at Stanford University on the April 6 and returns to connect with the group on April 12, returning to South Africa on April 14. Emile plans to edit his book called Making a Black Noise, while on the road.

On their return to South Africa, Black Noise plans to tour the country and release their new CD. Emile will  also release his 4th book to co-inside with the South African tour.