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Beat Box Extended: There’s More To Hipe Than Just The Hype

March 8, 2013
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Known as one of Cape Town’s most respected underground hip-hop producers, Hipe is all about the music. Signed to Pioneer Unit Records, he has worked with the cream of South African hip hop including Driemanskap, Rattex, Ben Sharpa, Jaak, Zubz, Young Nations, Teargas, Proverb, Nemza and Tumi, as well as a host of international artists such as John Robinson (US) and Mode9 (Nigeria). Here he lets CHEKA Digital into his world.

CHEKA Digital: Your sound is pretty organic, you should use a lot of hardware. What’s your setup like?

HIPE: Mainly I use a software program named Sony Acid Pro. For the last 3 years or so I’ve been banging it out on the mpc2500SE. So that’s my setup basically. Blending hardware and software.

You’ve worked with a lot of big names: Proverb, Young Nations, Modenine, Jaak etc. Which young rapper would you like to work with?

There are quite a few talented emcees out there, but I think my man B.F.K. (from Cape Town) is killing it right now, so I would love to do some damage with him in the future.

Could you take us through a session with Driemanskap, from beat selection to wrapping up a song. What goes down in the Hiperbolic chamber?

Well, usually they arrive late for their sessions (Hahahaha) but we start off by me playing them beats, then they would select what they like and start jotting down lyrics. We might lay down a skeleton track or two just to get a vibe. Half way through the session we would go grab something to eat and then it’s back to the Hiperbolic Chamber to complete what we’ve started.

A lot of up and coming emcees would surely murder their loved ones to get a Hipe beat. What does it take to get a Hipe beat?

It’s easy man and besides my rates are next to nothing so emcees can check me out on Soundcloud and if there’s something that they like they can hit me up and we can take it from there.

Do you feel like the SA industry and its benefits (i.e awards, endorsements etc.) are more biased towards Jo’burg based artists?

Man there’s always going to be politics in the music industry and that sh*t I don’t have time for. I’m too busy diggin and creating, you know, working!!

hipe 1

You’ve been nominated for a Hype award and won a Hip Hop Kaslam award in 2012. Do you feel like you are getting the credit you deserve or do you feel you’re “slept on”?

I think most of the cats from my generation are being overlooked, mainly because we are more ‘traditional’ with our sound. Sampling, drums that bang, that boom bap sh*t.

Producers are now getting some recognition from the industry, they are involved in major projects outside just hip-hop. What other aspects of the entertainment industry are you involved in or wish to be part of?

My work has been featured on films, documentaries and TV commercials. Those are the areas that I would love to get more work in too.

Apart from producing, your Instagram game is on another level yo. Could you take us through your journey, what types of pics you’re into, what inspires your shots?

Thanx my man.  I’m still fairly new to Instagram. The cats from Dilated Peoples (Evidence and DJ Babu) are my main influences. It’s become an addiction lately, where it’s at a point that I HAVE to take pix everyday. It’s a great little hobby.

Lastly, one word that comes to your mind when you hear the name: J Dilla


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Compiled And Written By: Sabza (@sabzapassword)

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