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Beat Box Extended: Suade Ritchie

August 1, 2013
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Hailing from the hilly kingdom of Lesotho, Maseru to be exact, Mokhele Ntho (aka  Suade Ritchie) is an up and coming Hip Hop producer. He’s a UCT Architectural Studies graduate whose been involved in Hip-Hop for a minute, starting off as a rapper.

In his own words…..

“(I) used to go to this one radio station to rap – it was a competition. One day (I) ran out of beats, so I had to make my own because I didn’t know anybody who made beats. This was in 2005. I stopped rapping.” Fast forward to the year 2013 and Suade drops his first project; a short instrumental offering - BlackWindows.WhiteRoses. When asked why he chose that title for his project he simply responded, “It’s a dope ass title.”

With no days off this project was done in two months. Talking about the instrumentals he put out on this project, Suade says he wanted to evoke the listeners’ emotions, mostly the feeling of remembering the past; things that have happened. He added that what we thought the future would be like in the past (think that movie ’2001: A Space Odyssey’), so, the project is quite a solemn one and allows the listener to be ‘deep’ and think of whatever the music might trigger emotionally. “If we talk about the soundscape,” he says, “there are a lot of airy or ‘spacey’ pad instruments which I used to anchor the listener in the middle of the music. Simply the aim was just to create a backdrop to one’s thoughts.”

Maintaining a consistent frame of mind, Suade told CHEKA Digital, “I also repeatedly played the previous beat I had made over and over before I moved onto the next one to maintain consistency between the tracks in order for the project to have unity and sound like a single project. The way the tracklist is setup is exactly the order of creation; I did not follow a selection process – I didn’t make trillions of beats then picked from them”.

He’s also part of a beatmaker ‘stokvel’ named OpusGrand with a friend, Jed Luigi. “We are not a production duo, we make money individually and instead of attempting to buy expensive equipment individually, we buy those things together reducing the cost but also allowing us to be creatively independent from each other,” he explains.

So what type of equipment did he work his magic on? Suade’s studio setup consists of Alesis Q49 controller, Akai MPD26 drum pad Controller and Xenyx 302 USB soundcard, Ableton Live 9, Propellerhead Reason 4 and multiple VSTs.


Compiled By: @SabzaPassword
Beats on this project can be used for free but Mokhele has to be properly credited. He emphasised that a good mix is essential.
Songs should be sent to mokhelentho@gmail.com for approval before release.
For more info and exclusive beat prices, contact him on the same email address or holler at him on Twitter via @SuadeRitchie.

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