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Beat Box Extended: Lesotho’s Jay One Has Bangers

May 31, 2013
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Jay One

Jay One is a purist beat maker. Having released a beat tape with an all Fruity Loop production, some may call him one dimensional but the producer lets us in on how versatile he is.

CHEKA DIGITAL: Coming from Lesotho, how did you end up in SA?

Jay One: I was born in Bethlehem (South Africa), I pretty much grew up between the two nations throughout different cities: Katse, Maseru, Mohale, Mooi River, P.E, Midrand, Pretoria, Cape Town. 9 years Lesotho, 11 in S.A. I get around.
Word is you are working on the new Ill Skillz album. How did you hook up with the dudes?

I met Uno in 2011 through a good friend of mine and fellow beatsmith, but we only started working together from mid 2012 sometime. Before that, he was working with another fellow beatsmith producer, Leroy aka Blu Dola The Beatsmith and then we figured that my style of production would better suit the project at some point.
If possible, please tell us about the album you guys are working on and what type of sound we can expect from it.
The album is called Notes “From The Native Yard”. I don’t even know what to tell you about the sound really. It’s such a versatile collection of music, I don’t think any single phrase would describe it. What I can say is no one is blending sounds they way they are. It’s over for cats.

You did something amazing when you dropped an all Fruity Loops beat-tape. Most producers and critics always discourage the use of pure Fruity Loops for making beats. How did that come about?
Thank you. December 2011, Pretoria, off my little brother’s laptop and shit.. I had no beatmaking equipment at the time so I jumped on my nigglets laptop, gathered the few drum samples I had on my external, installed Fruity Loops 9 and just did what it does. That’s the whole spirit of Hip Hop though, making something from nothing. Plus my workflow’s like witchcraft in FL9, so I guess if you know what you’re doing on the machine, whatever machine it is, and you’re inspired… Nothing should stop you. And most (‘professional’) producers and critics (whoever they are) are just assholes so never mind them and do you.
And is Fruity Loops the only tool you use? If not, what else do you use?
I honestly barely use it these days. I’m on Logic Pro 9 for beatmaking, editing and sometimes mixing and Pro Tools for recording and mixing but I will get back on FL the day it’s easily accessible on Mac. There’s something about  the sound I get out of FL that I can’t in Logic.
You also rap. Should we ever expect any rap projects infused with your productions from you?
No doubt. Real soon even.
You are currently studying sound related stuff at SAE. Could you tell us what you are really studying. How will you incorporate the studies into your production?
Yeah, I’m at SAE currently enrolled in their new Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sound Production. That’s a pretty difficult question to answer but It’s been, and will still, be very helpful to my production in more ways than I can think of. Most of all though it keeps me inspired.
As a new producer on the scene, how do you plan on making a standout mark in the industry?
 In a phrase, I plan to ignite my audiences imaginations which isn’t anything new to music but somehow it doesn’t happen often enough.
One word that comes to your mind when you hear the name “J Dilla”
Real Ni**a.
Compiled by: @SabzaPassword

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