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Basketball: The Road To The Finals Finale

June 20, 2013
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Ladies and Gentleman… we have a Game 7.

For those who haven’t been following the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, FIRSTLY where you been?! Fortunately for you I’ve put together the micro-movies of each game that the NBA has produced after each game, which include behind the scenes footage of the locker rooms during half times and pre and post-game snippets. Follow the finals from Game 1 all the way to Game 6 before the final show down that is Game 7 which will be played on June 20, but will be seen here in South Africa on the morning of June 21st with tipoff at 3am.


Game 1

Highlight: Tony Parker… Clutch.

See Game 1 micro-movie below


Game 2

Highlight: LeBron James block on Tiago Splitter.

See Game 2 micro-movie below


Game 3

Highlight: Danny Green and Gary Neal make it rain 3s.

See Game 3 micro-movie below


Game 4

Highlight: The return of The Flash.

See Game 4 micro-movie below


Game 5

Highlight: Manu Ginobili enters starting lineup and takes over.

See Game 5 micro-movie below


Game 6

Highlight: There were so many, Mario Chalmers made an appearance, Mike Miller made a 3 with a show missing, Tim Duncan rolled back the years with a 30point performance, LeBron James had a 30+ point triple-double, Ray Allen with the Clutch three that sent the game to overtime, but ultimately… RESPECT CHRIS BOSH! From the block on Tony Parker to getting the rebound which led to the assist that led to the Ray Allen three and finally the block that shut Danny Green down to the floor.

See Game 6 micro-movie below


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