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Basketball: CHEKA Digital Twitter-view with Slim

March 28, 2013
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Basketball Slim

CHEKA Digital was fortunate enough to have Jerome Du Plooy aka “Slim” lend us a bit of his time and answer some questions live for us in a twitter interview on Friday March 22nd. For those that missed it, here’s how it all went down.

@CHEKAdigital: Who is Jerome “Slim” Duplooy and how did the nickname “slim” come about? #CHEKATwitterView

 @CuteKidSlim: Jerome is a confident young man! Humble! Hard Working & a Go getter who Believes in God. Slim is a nickname for my body mass lol

@CHEKAdigital: How and when did you fall in love with basketball? #CHEKATwitterView

@CuteKidSlim: in 2005 it became a big part of my life! The game was appealing and also the values and brotherhood of the game captured me. The @NBA @nbacares & @NBA_Africa also played a big role in me falling in love with the game! They found me in Kliptown in 2005

@CHEKAdigital: How’d you and the BballShow come together? #CHEKATwitterView

@CuteKidSlim: wow my Boss @CabbyMagongwa saw me doing my thing at Jam Session in Orlando last year and wanted me to audition for season 2. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands as Ball is something I love & I am passionate about and just wanted to grow it in SA

@CHEKAdigital: Who are Slim’s favourite basketball team & player? #CHEKATwitterView

@CuteKidSlim: You have to say players lol @RasualButler45 for the 3s @LuolDeng9 for his game, @quietstorm_32 point guard skills. A father figure to me @MarcusCamby23 happy bday to him as well, 1 of the best Centre’s the game has ever seen & his leadership. But the ultimate is @carmeloanthony very under rated & 1 of the best scorers in the game! People love LB6 but watch Melo play. My favorite team, that’s obvious man lol! It has to be the NY Knicks! Blue White and Orange all day! Watch us in the playoffs

@CHEKAdigital: What is “Slim Entertainment” and “Darkchild” to you? #CHEKATwitterView

@CuteKidSlim: wow Darkchild is big to me! It’s like a Rick Ross and Meek Mill relationship! They saw my talent and my potential! They gave me an opportunity of a lifetime and also gave/give me the opportunity to do what I love! http://www.darkchild.co.za  ;) Slim Ent is a company I’d like to set up in the future when I’m more mature in the Ent business and just give back to others!

@CHEKAdigital: What’s your relationship and input with NBA Africa? #CHEKATwitterView

@CuteKidSlim: I do a lot of Emcee work with @NBA_Africa and I currently have a Bi Weekly Blog on http://www.nbaafrica.com  called #TheSlimLine

@CHEKAdigital: What is your association with Eldos FM? #CHEKATwitterview

@CuteKidSlim: Me and EFM go way back since 2008, they believed in me so much they gave me my own radio slot and I was blessed to rock it! Had listenership of like 35 to 45k on community radio, also just to touch lives & be a blessing to others was a blessing to me.


Thanks again to our fam Slim for always willing to give us time for the love of the game of Basketball and all placing South Africa on the map.

Follow Slim on Twitter: @cutekidslim

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