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Basketball: All-Defence Teams

June 3, 2013
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Much has been discussed by many who know the game (yes, even better than I) on how do you really measure a single players defensive contribution to a team. Most simply look at the top re-bounders and blockers from the big men and steals from the guards.

There’s also the plus/minus stat column which you’d usually find at the far end of most stat sheets which basically is the points difference in a game when a player is on and off the court. Now you can imagine all the info one could read from such a stat but that would be a whole article on its own. At the end of the day all these awards are decided upon by individuals who have their own opinions on what defense is to them. A great example of this is how the current Defensive Player of the Year and last year’s DPOY both didn’t make the All-Defence first teams and as we know both those accolades are voted upon by different individuals.

The All-Defence teams are selected by a panel of the 30 NBA Head Coaches who are to select two defensive teams by positions. Coaches are not to vote for players in their own teams. The sum of points from the 2 given to a first team selection and 1 for the second team are totaled per player. Thus resulting in the top two Guards, two Forwards and one Centre point-totals making the first team and Guards and Forwards who totaled 3rd and 4th highest point-totals making the second team rounded of by the Centre with the 2nd highest points-total.

Tony Allen from the Memphis Grizzlies edged out Miami Heat Forward LeBron James for the most points by one. Allen had the same number of 1st team votes as James (25) but had one more 2nd team vote (3) giving him a point total of 53. Guard Allen was a big part of the Grizzlies defense that allowed the least points per game. A Grizzlies outfit that included Centre and current DPOY, Marc Gasol and Forward Zach Randolph who had the most rebounds of any player in both the first and second All-Defence teams.

James had a point total of 52 points coming in second on point totals as he did earlier in the DPOY award. James is one of the few, if not only, NBA players that can and has guarded from the point guard to centre positions. His defense was a big reason why the generally small Heat ended the season with a league and franchise high 66 wins… this also mean on the offensive end. The second Forward in the first team with 46 points is Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka, who led the league in blocks which he did last season as well. LA Clippers’ Chris Paul took the other Guard honours with 37 points after leading the league in steals for the third year in a row.

Tied at 24 points each, Centre’s Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks and Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls both shared the Centre position in the first team. Last year’s DPOY Chandler did receive more 1st team selections than Noah but with the two more 2nd team selections Noah received the first team ended up with six players.

The second team consists of Grizzlies Centre and DPOY Marc Gasol, Forwards Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs and Indiana Pacers Paul George and the Guards are Boston Celtics’ Avery Bradley and Grizzlies Mike Conley.


Written And Compiled By: Lebuhang Ramollo (@RA_Mollo)

Image Source: FreesWorld

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