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Artists Who Over-Promise And Under-Deliver

October 30, 2012
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“Sometimes, just sometimes, as a fan I’m close to calling some of my favorite rappers selfish because they have a talent, showed us a glimpse of it, and the moment we realised we were in love with their art they starve us of their work.”



  1. Dope article , Maggz is heavy on “Detoxing” …the street was and is still hungry for these albums but seems like these artist dont care that much…I mean the least they can do is give us a mixtape while we waiting and their music is in demand , so that we can be hyped to buy the albums when they drop. It seems like they not grindin enough…and when they actually drop they will complain that we dont buy their albums while they are the one who kept us waiting. Who is to blame then for poor album sales?

  2. In SA, a mixtape is seen as an opportunity to make money and not to generate hype and (most importantly) give fans an opportunity to hear new material from their favourite rapper

  3. I agree with both comments, but I can’t understand why Fonzo is on this list. He released a tape earlier on in the year. As for everyone else on the list, I couldn’t agree more

  4. Maggz is Mr Detox! Closely followed by CLU and don’t forget AB Crazy! Fonzo shouldn’t be on this list

  5. Has AB Crazy released anything except that “Man of the Moment” song? Like has he brought out a mixtape or ep yet?