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Anatii: Lost Artifact or Future Treasure?

November 4, 2016



Inspiration and influence might be the distant cousins in altering minds of anyone paying attention. One can inspire a crowd to be out of the box thinker and one can influence a crowd to be whatever he deduces as a norm. Anatii is possibly standing on middle of each of these attributes.


It is almost as undeniable as Judas sold Jesus that Anatii got the magic touch when it comes to hits he lends his production forte on. Go all the way back when he went under the alias of Thunderkat. Anatii has the sublime touch of making even the most overlooked, be at the forefront or even put them in line of being at the forefront.


It’s with this reason where I feel Anatii can get lost forever or be a future influence for the next generation of artists and producers alike.


Think back to “When It Rains” by L-Tido.


This was back in ’08 and Anatii was merely a teen. At 15, Anatii gave L-Tido one of his biggest songs of his career. FIFTEEN YEARS OF AGE! Might be presumptuous to call him a prodigy and then naysayers will dig out Dj Arch from their archives. Lets skip that and focus on Anatii.


Since then, Anatii has managed to work with some of the biggest names in the industry and with all of them; they were guaranteed a hot single or even a chart topping single. It stretches to the point that he alongside DJ Dimples were one the partnership that started the now viral DJ Khaled syndrome (Interesting he collaborated with DJ Khaled) of DJs having their own song, when they partnered with Maggz for “The Way” in 2012.


Also, at the same time, we got introduced to the hook prowess Anatii posseses. Which as the years have progressed, we’ve seen how Anatii on hooks is almost a licking of the stamp for the envelope that this song is gon be a hit.


Seeing Anatii become an artist in his own form has been an interesting sight I have taken a lot of interest in. As I’ve said, Anatii has a knack for hits. You’ll be hard pressed to find a song he was involved in that wasn’t a possible turn a club into Poseidon. Whether served the hook or provided the production, Anatii always manages to be an integral ingredient for the club banger.


The scales tilt considerably bad when Anatii becomes a rapper. I’ve always felt that is not his strongest suit. First time I heard him rap was “Rands and Nairas Remix”. The only reason I rememeber his verse was because of the line, which he delivers so candidly casual, about him crashing a NEW Panamera. Anatii’s stunting puts shame to people who brag about popping bottles.


It’s with this reason where I feel Anatii can get lost forever or be a future influence for the next generation of artists and producers alike.


An artist I respect highly, Kitso Moremi, one half of the eclectic talented duo FRATPACK said to me,


“You can’t predict influence. You just can’t. There’s gonna be kids that will be changing the game in the next few years and you will hear them say, “I believed when I heard Anatii”. Its like, we wouldn’t have Tyler The Creator if we didn’t have Pharell. Influence creates.”



As true as that may be, I’m inclined to say Anatii hasn’t hit that sweet spot of self-awareness. He peaks but never stands firmly at his statue. It’s as if he runs on the runway and the take off is imminent but hasn’t left the ground. Anatii is definitely a peculiar artist.


On close inspection of his production, the production for his songs is drum heavy, bassline driven; whereas when he lends his production for other artists, its light and very poppy to the point where similariteis are picked up, which may raise questions of a DJ Mustard syndrome.


With his latest album, “Artiifact”, there is a strong infusion of the dancehall sound, which is a high trend on radio for the past few years. With some songs in his native tongue, Xhosa, one can’t help but feel that Anatii is in a conundrum of being loyal to his roots yet has the vision of the world in front of him. Sadly, more often than not, he seems to be far from relatable to either. As one can see Anatii get closer to either, he feels far off.


This may be a harsh dissection of Anatii but in the same breath diamonds are not carved form gentle rubs as if we hoping for a genie. Anatii is standing by the fork in the road, each path depends on how much he is willing to put behind it. We can lose him forever or beat ourselves for sleeping on the talent. Its on him.


Written by S Dot ( @SDotJR_ )



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