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Album Reviews


Album Review: Ginger Breadman – Rookie Of The Year

Sep 20, 2012Comments off2238 Views

On “So Nostalgic”, Ginger displays his story-telling ability, as he paints a vivid picture of how hip-hop influenced his upbringing and childhood. Ginger Breadman made a


Mixtape Review: Perfecto – Meet Perfecto

Sep 19, 2012Comments off728 Views

Perfecto, a new member of Tumi’s Motif Records, has released a very unique mixtape with fresh content and subject matter that hasn’t been heard in

our house

Mixtape Review: Slaughterhouse – On The House

Sep 11, 2012Comments off638 Views

“With fans heavy-downloading this project looking forward to a taste of what their major label debut through Shady/Interscope would sound like, instead they got their

Nick Explicit - Broadcasting Live

EP Review: Nick Explicit – Broadcasting Live

Sep 06, 2012Comments off1140 Views

“As much as it’s a build-up to a full-length album, this 7-track EP showcases the lyricism instilled in him.” Born Nikolay Karaush, Nick Explicit is


Mixtape Review: FonZo – TheRAPy

Aug 28, 2012Comments off802 Views

“With “theRAPy”, FonZo delivered an excellent project; the likes of which we haven’t heard from a young rapper since AKA dropped 24/7/366 in 2009.” FonZo,

2 chainz

Album Review: 2 Chainz – Based on a T.R.U. Story

Aug 26, 2012Comments off883 Views

“For every Jay-Z, hip-hop needs a 2 Chainz”. “I’m The Type Of n*gga cop a Rollie, cop a Benz, cop a tooly. Then wear it


Album Review: Nas – Life Is Good

Aug 26, 2012Comments off1050 Views

“This album is to Nas what a journal is to some people.” Since Nas released his ninth studio album Untitled four years ago, he embarked