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Act like a lady, think like a lady

November 14, 2012
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The sell out that is Steve Harvey, not only did he sell out the rules of the game for males, but he also managed to manipulate women into thinking that everything he said was accurate – which it may be HOWEVER, we cannot have males and females walking around here thinking like men.

The ironic thing here is Steve Harvey is out here telling young women how to get and keep a man, when he himself has been married and divorced three times. If he couldn’t be kept, knowing all that he says is the correct way to get and keep a man, what makes you think that his advice will work for you?

I see so many women living their lives by his “Act like a lady, think like man” book and it scares me. Women are trying so hard to be accepted by males (generalization) that they’re taking relationship advice on modern day relationships from a man, who seems to think that his “idea” of what makes the perfect modern day relationship work, is the perfect formula to a successful relationship. Ladies, you do not need to buy into another person’s idea of what makes the perfect relationship, stop allowing men to tell you how to behave. No two relationships are alike and thus, only you know what works and doesn’t work for you. We as females do not need to act like men to be “wife material”, what we need to do is be ourselves and we will find a man who is able to balance us out – one who will deal with all the emotional craziness that comes with being a female.

Act like a lady, think like a lady.

DO NOT take everything that Steve Harvey has said as the only way to live your life. There are too many great males out there who you will miss out on because you’re out here allowing a book to brainwash you into believing that your idea of what will work for you is pretty much wrong. There is no perfect formula for relationships, relationships are hard work and take time, effort, energy and money to work. If you feel that living by Steve Harvey’s book is the way you want to live your life, then do you boo-boo, but don’t be surprised when that man walks out on you because you’re trying to “out-man” him.

You were born a female for a reason. Never allow someone else to tell you that your way of dealing with your relationships is wrong. A self-help book on relationships adds more confusion and complication to relationships that were working out well, or even had the potential to be great. There is nothing wrong with you having standards, but be realistic with yourself. Trying to think like a man is a skill that very few females have and that’s okay, be you and the perfect guy will stick around. Stop allowing Steve Harvey to dictate what’s going to make you “wife-material”.

Maybe Steve Harvey should take some time to write a book on how one should learn to be a man a woman would want to keep, maybe then I’ll believe anything he has to say, since he’s had more than enough experience in that field. Till then, you and your partner are the only ones who should dictate what happens in your relationship. Nobody else’s rules should dictate what works for you two. Period.

Written by: @s2angel_88

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