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Absolut Plays Its Part In Transforming The Inner-City Of Joburg

July 3, 2014
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The Residence, by Absolut, was a creative residency programme in the heart of Johannesburg’s CBD, the Maboneng Precinct. During the month of May 2014, six young creators collaborated and applied their minds to solving real challenges within the area with resourcefulness and creative thinking. Their brief: Transform Today.


“Continuing the brand’s history of championing the cultural impact of contemporary art, Absolut sought out collaborators with daring spirits and a dedication to continuously transform the possibilities of personal expression. The collaborating artists craft their work by changing things, breaking things, challenging conventions and recreating themselves in order to become something more,” says Shirley Mabiletja, Absolut Brand Manager.


The residents lived together in an apartment located in Jeppestown, Johannesburg, immersing themselves in the environment so they could fully understand and appreciate the challenges at hand. They self-organised, and executed projects of their own choosing. The entire process was documented online via a blog and Absolut’s social media channels, allowing the residents to engage with Absolut’s online community to help make key decisions throughout their projects. The project was also filmed and a four part web documentary has been released – here is the YouTube link for all of the episodes which have been captured, following the journey of the artists throughout the Residence Project:


During their time in the Residence, the artists collaborated and executed five unique and transformative projects – attached are images captured which illustrate these projects, which have successfully brought new life to the buzzing Maboneng Precinct. These include:


  1. PROJECT 1: Mobile Benches by R1
  2. PROJECT 2: Living Wall by Breeze Yoko & Liliana Transplanter
  3. PROJCET 3: Basketball Court by Liliana Transplanter, Io Makandal, MJ Turpin, R1, Bogosi Sekhukhuni
  4. PROJECT 4: Conceptual Spaza by MJ Turpin & Bogosi Sekhukhuni
  5. PROJECT 5: See Me Poles by Io Makandal & Liliana Transplanter


KeyVisual_mobile Benches_LowRes

The permanent inner-city art pieces they created serve as a lasting reminder that, through collaboration, creative thinking and a trailblazing attitude, art can truly make a meaningful impact.

- media release


Pretty cool, if you ask us!

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