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55th Grammy Awards Will Be A Manly Affair (Nomination List)

December 6, 2012
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The men are leading the pack as the 55th Grammy Award nominations were announced on Wednesday at a Grammy Nominations Live Concert in Nashville. The Throne – Kanye West and Jay-Z, fun.,the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, Mumford & Sons and Frank Ocean  are the front-runners with six nominations each.



  1. And the award for best Rap Album should go to Nas or Lupe but this the Grammy’s we’re talking bout. It’ll probably go to Drake or 2Chainz or even Rozay. Not saying that the three of them dont deserve it, I just think Nas is the best lyricist. Lupe is great as well.
    Yes I said Drake and 2Chainz isn’t great. But I didn’t say they are bad, I think they are okay. Probably great in other’s opinion, if you’re into that kinda thing.
    Don’t think Rozay is as gifted.
    I don’t necessarily like 2chainz and Drake’s music but they do have something going for themselves which includes a broader fan base (mostly ones who wears high heels, and I’m not one of them).
    With all of that being said, they all worked hard.
    I’m not going to watch the Grammy’s cos just like Miss Sa, my favourites never win.

    Sincerely the Girl who spits truth