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Poster Child

5 minutes with the #PosterChild Solo

August 17, 2015

Poster Child


Running into your fav can cause a sense of euphoria and make you scream in public. I can neither deny nor confirm the above happened. But what I managed to do, is sneak in between daps and greetings a quick interview with Solo ahead of his release of new single titled “Poster Child”

CHEKA Digital: Sup Solo, been a minute since we spoke and in between release of your debut album, you’ve won Freshman of The Year and was part of the Jeep Renegade campaign. What else have you been busy with?

SOLO: Well… Outside of not really having a chance to soak it all in, I’ve been busy building on the foundation laid. I’ve wrapped up my sophomore. I’ve been building with The DreamCatchers to make our live performance epic. I’ve birthed a movement with my brother Buks called BETR GANG. Everything is basically planting seeds that my team and I will capitalize on soon.


CHEKA Digital: From you social media feeds, we can confirm your sophomore Dreams B Plenty is en route. What can we expect from the album?

SOLO: I’m so proud of Dreams.B.Plenty! It’s playing out the way I called it. DAP told the story of a dude with talent taking a chance. I had planned for Dreams.B.Plenty to paint a picture of the same dreamer with a lot more knowledge under his belt. Someone a little more tainted by the game. Someone with a few accomplishments who has also taken a few L’s. That’s exactly who I am right now. That’s exactly what the album is about.


CHEKA Digital: Speaking of sophomore, 17th August marks the start to “Dreams B Plenty” with the release of your single, “Poster Child”. Please explain what the song is about and the personnel involved in it.

SOLO: “Poster Child” is another personal piece. I grew up in a time when the mark of a real super star was their posters being put up on their fans’ walls. This played a big role in my dream of being a great artist. I imagined the wealth, the awards, the love and the posters. Basically, the song is about how the love, whether genuine or not, is shown very differently today. I used to imagine signing autograph after autograph. The reality is more like taking selfie after selfie. I’ve had to adjust.


CHEKA Digital: With the hip hop community in whirlwind about ghostwriters, as self proclaimed lyricist, what message are you looking into relaying with “Poster Child”?

SOLO: Again, the message I’m trying to relay is what my experience is versus what my visions have been. This song might not be as relatable to someone who wasn’t party to that “poster” phase. I wrote the song for those who know the feeling of putting up their idols posters, as well as those who aren’t familiar with that very dated practice. I still write from a personal place.


CHEKA Digital: You’ve always been quoted as saying you are a lyricist above all, how important is being a lyricist in the current climate of SA hip hop?

SOLO: As of late, I think the term lyricist is used as another pigeon hole in SA hip hop. I use the term lyricist to describe my ability to string words and verses together. My stance today is this… some people rap better than others. That’s all it is. It’s not about the the production of the song you’re on. It’s not about the chorus. I’m really good with these raps. So lyricists are important in this hip hop climate because dope rappers are important in this climate.


CHEKA Digital: “Poster Child” is the first single of the sophomore, can we squeeze a date of the album out of you or is that a to be confirmed later issue?

SOLO: Lol “Dreams.B.Plenty” is on the way.


Get Solo – “Poster Child” here : https://itun.es/za/zP6B9

Stream Solo – “Poster Child” here :

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