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37mph Ft. Dineo Ranaka – Chicken On A Grill [Preview + Download]

August 4, 2014
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Chicken on a grill


In the words of 37mph:

Celebrating the first #MusicMonday of Women’s Month, it felt only right that I celebrate the beauty and essence of women.


Last week I read an article about girls in the North (of Johannesburg). The article referred to what young women go through at the super-trendy Joburg clubs and the abuse some women live through to maintain a status-quo for trendy Jozi-North couple-hood. It was this that prompted me to think about a song I worked on with a friend of mine a while back.


The lyrics for Chicken On A Grill were written by Dineo Ranaka back in 2007. I can almost remember the events of that recording session. I was in the studio, I remember, working on JR’s album “The Main Event” and was also working on some songs with Dineo Ranaka. On this particular day, Dineo came to visit to work on a song. I had this beat I had just finished entitled “I like it cause it’s so cool”, I played it to D and she sat down and started writing in her rhyme book. We recorded the first draft in the afternoon and what I had listened to in that session was #femmepower. The delivery was raw; reminiscent of Queen Latifah’s “UNITY”. However the delivery didn’t quite sit with the music and didn’t have the appeal to speak to a large enough group of women and male listeners. So Dineo and I took a drive around town. We returned to the studio and decided to strip it down and re-do the vocals. The second vocal session went by quicker than the first one. And the last thing I had to work on during the session was the arrangement.


Chicken On A Grill is still a strong song today although it was recorded back in 2007. When Dineo has firmly succeeded in building a fashion and television empire, we will try to re-connect in the studio to record another set of amazing songs for your listening pleasure.


As we celebrate Women’s Month this August, I implore the women of South Africa especially to take good care of yourselves. You’re a gem, a treasure, a precious pearl or diamond. You were created to be beautiful, to be a leader, world-changer, businesswoman, mother, wife and to be everything amazing in life more than your imagination can lead you. In this sometimes cruel world which wants to take, it’s your responsibility to guard yourself and hold your standards very high.


This one’s for you!


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