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2BOP DARKPHASE 3.1 Lookbook

June 27, 2016


Darkphase 3.1 goes back to basics and back to 2BOP’s roots, where graphic prints dominate on staple winter pieces. The collection stirs up dreamy images of growing up in the hood, playing  classic video games at the corner store and on bootleg nintendo consoles or “tv games” as they were known back in the day.

The lookbook invokes the juxtaposition of the neighbourhoods they grew up in and the video games and subcultural influences like skateboarding, skateboard magazines and bootleg skateboard VHS tapes that moulded us into who they are today.

Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final4_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final6_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final7_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final8_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final9_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final11_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final12_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final13_2048x2048 Two_Bop__Darkphase3.1_Final14_2048x2048

Images: Kyle Weeks

Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Models: Reagan “Lemmon” Daniels, Shannon John Kobison, Casey Redlinghys and Seraaj Semaar

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