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2014 Fire Starters: P Dot O – From Eastern Cape To Cap City To Your Stereo

March 7, 2014
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p dot o

On a wet Saturday afternoon I’m waiting for Siphelele Mnyande, widely known as P Dot O, at a small coffee shop for our interview and I’m half an hour early when I get a text saying, “Fam I’m on the way had to pick up seps”. I read: My debut album Devil’s Playground is near.

P Dot O: It took me close to six years to get to this point. I lost the album 3 times and had to start from scratch.

You can hear the pain in his voice when he details the lost music and then his tone cheers up when he says, “The album is now done. I’m waiting for the powers that be to communicate the release date. As for the rapping, I’m happy with what I have to offer in my album”. When we talk features and production credits, he is setting up a heavy line up with producers varying from Sean Pages to Red Button to a young producer named Taylor Made. Rappers like Nveigh, Ginger Trill, Ras, and Kid X are all expected to make an appearance on P Dot O’s debut.

I started rapping back in the Eastern Cape. I was initially known as Poet Da Sonnet, coined by a friend since I was into poetry. I changed the name to P Dot O because that’s how I shortened it in my raps and when I moved to Pretoria.

P Dot O was a prominent feature on the now defunct site Street Sheet. The site was predominantly a portal of music and news for Cap City artists. P Dot O had tons of music available for download on the site including the critically street acclaimed Mind Over Matter mixtape; which became available even after the site shut down.

People know of 4 mixtapes by me. I actually have a total of 7 mixtapes. Between Eastern Cape and Pretoria I’ve recorded a lot of songs. Also, the scene in Eastern Cape & Pretoria is very different. I’m forever grateful Cap City took me in and showed me love.

Circa 2010, P Dot was making prominent features on Cap City music. He is now named as one of the members of the unofficial team, The All Stars which consists of Nveigh, Blaklez, Maggz, Ras, L – Tido and Sean Pages. He has been honing and polishing his skills behind the mic. The confidence is evident on more of his recent verses; P Dot O shows his relentless climb to the top of the rap chain who’s the best in South Africa.

I’m a spiritual being. I put God before everything. People should understand there’s Siphelele and P Dot O. The album will show both of these personas. To me, Devil’s Playground is my business card. This is I am officially coming out into the industry.

With the abundant curse and allegations of hip-hop being misogynist, P Dot O explains his stance on the issue.

There’s 18467 rappers releasing albums, EP’s, mixtapes and YouTube videos every day in SA. What sets me apart? I’m the best. I’m not being overzealous but I’m one of the few rappers who are real. I respect a lot of the rappers out now but a lot of them are afraid of being vulnerable behind the mic in the fear of losing the facade followers they have.

We are in the era of lyricism versus the turn up movement. Each has its place in the industry. P Dot O admits that but in the same breath promises that the listener will learn about P Dot O the time the CD finishes. He also states he is not in the game to fuel a trend but to share his story behind the mic, as he said, the album is his business card.

CHEKA Digital wishes P Dot O success on his debut album and his future endeavours, and that’s why he is on our 2014 Fire Starters list.


Written and Compiled By: Siphiwe Zwane (@SDotJR_)

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